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The school offers a broad spectrum of topics in observational and theoretical, galactic and extragalactic astrophysics, observational and theoretical cosmology, fundamental physics with astronomical tools and instrumentation. Read more

The 2023 application round has closed. In order to process successfully submitted applications, the application portal will remain active.

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Dissertation Prize of the Matter and Cosmos Section (SMuK) in the DPG awarded to IMPRS alumna Dr. Huanchen Hu

IMPRS alumna Dr. Huanchen Hu has been awarded the 2024 Dissertation Prize of the Matter and Cosmos Section (SMuK) of the DPG  "For her dissertation and the lecture entitled: Gravity tests with pulsars using new-generation [...]

2024 Promotionspreis der Stiftung für Physik und Astronomie in Bonn awardet to IMPRS alumnus Jakob den Brok

The Stiftung für Physik und Astronomie in Bonn awards the 2024 Promotionspreis to our IMPRS alumnus Dr Jakob den Brok.  His PhD thesis is titled "Unraveling Molecular Gas Conditions across Nearby Galaxies with CO Isotopologues". Congratulations.

Applications for IMPRS PhD positions are now possible (Deadline Nov. 1st).

Apply now   Please find the new IMPRS portal for applications here: Projects for this application round are listed here: IMPRS Supervisors are listed on this page: Contact information for current [...]

Tycho Brahe Medal awarded to IMPRS Speaker Anton Zensus

MPIfR director and IMPRS Speaker receives prestigious award of the European Astronomical Society The 2023 Tycho Brahe Medal is awarded to Prof J. Anton Zensus (Max-Planck- Institute for Radio Astronomy, Bonn, Germany) for major advances [...]

Two IMPRS researchers, Laila Linke and Diana Scognamiglio, among female physicists of the week

IMPRS alumna Laila Linke and IMPRS researcher Diana Scognamiglio have been highlighted by the Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft (DPG), as female physicists of the week (Laila: week 12, Diana: week 35). Enjoy:

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