Event Category: IMPRS

Speaker: Hannah Zohren Title: Galaxy Clusters – Optical Confirmation and Weak Lensing Mass Constraints Abstract: Samples of galaxy clusters provide a versatile basis for studies of the cosmological parameters that govern the Universe. They are assembled based on observable properties of the clusters. Detections based on the Sunyaev Zel’dovich (SZ) effect build the basis for surveys […]

Speaker: Prajwal Padmanabh (chair: Yuxin Lin) Title: Long term profile stability of J1022+1001 Abstract: Understanding pulsar profile instability is key to placing accurate limits on the detectability of gravitational waves with pulsar timing arrays. The profile stability of PSR J1022+1001 is investigated. Data from the Effelsberg Pulsar Observation System (EPOS) which operated in the 1990s and […]

Speaker: Elaheh Hosseini & , Chair: Chaoli Zhang Title: Dusty sources in the vicinity of Sgr A* and constraining accretion flow density profile near the Galactic Centre using S2 star Abstract: In the vicinity of Sgr A* (SMBH) we observed several dusty infrared sources with NACO (in K_s and L’ band) and SINFONI mounted at the […]