Event Category: Retreat

Science and social interaction will be the focus of the IMPRS retreat to Cochem (Mosella).

This year we will try a new format: Students from our IMPRS  for A&A will meet with Ph.D. students from the MPI for Gravitational Physics (Hannover). We will meet for 6 days in a  hotel Oberwinter near Remagen and listen to high-caliber lectures on astrophysical and instrumental aspects of gravity.

The IMPRS for Astronomy and Astrophysics in Bonn and Cologne and the IMPRS for Gravitational Wave Astronomy in Hannover are collaborating for a two-day conference at Schloss Ringberg. The event, under the direction of Anton Zensus and Karsten Danzmann, will feature a focused program of talks by distinguished scientists and opportunities for individual interaction and mentoring. […]