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“A 3-mm line survey targeting the central molecular zones of M82 and IC342.”
The central molecular zones (CMZs) of two nearby galaxies M82 and IC342 are among the most prominent extragalactic molecular lighthouses in the northern hemisphere. While M82 is a late type starburst galaxy (SB), IC342 is a spiral galaxy similar to the Milky Way if seen face-on, and these two galaxies share similar dynamical mass, gas mass, and gas temperature with the MW. The differences between those galaxies become highly accentuated by the difference in their star formation rate (SFR). Since the stages of star formation reflect different physical environments, conditions, and chemistries, a detailed study of the central molecular zones of M82 and IC342 allows for the tracing of different environmental conditions (e.g. shocks, hot cores, photdissociation regions, ….). A spectral mapping survey targeting the innermost 100-pc of the CMZs of M82 and IC342, and covering the entire 3-mm range has been performed using the Plateau de Bure Interferometre (PdBI) now known as NOrthern Extended Millimetre Array (NOEMA) in Grenoble, France. From this survey, we were able to provide an inventory of the molecular contents in the CMZ of these galaxies. The molecular content provided reliable tracers of photodissociation regions (PDRs), which in turn are reliable tracers of star formation. For a better understanding the spatial distribution of the molecules, a principal component analysis (PCA) has been applied on the data, associating thus, different chemistries with different physical locations in the galaxies.