MS: Enrico Garaldi & Monthly Discussion

/MS: Enrico Garaldi & Monthly Discussion

MS: Enrico Garaldi & Monthly Discussion

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Speaker: Enrico Garaldi
Title: The radial acceleration relation in ΛCDM satellites


The radial acceleration measured in bright galaxies tightly correlates with that generated by the observed distribution of baryons, a phenomenon known as the radial acceleration relation (RAR). Dwarf spheroidal satellite galaxies have been recently found to depart from the extrapolation of the RAR measured for more massive objects but with a substantially larger scatter. If confirmed by new data, this result provides a powerful test of the theory of gravity at low accelerations that requires robust theoretical predictions. By using high-resolution hydrodynamical simulations, we show that, within the standard model of cosmology (ΛCDM), satellite galaxies are expected to follow the same RAR as brighter systems but with a much larger scatter which does not correlate with the physical properties of the galaxies. In the simulations, the RAR evolves mildly with redshift. Moreover, the acceleration due to the gravitational field of the host has no effect on the RAR. This is in contrast with the External Field Effect in Modified Newtonian Dynamics (MOND) which causes galaxies in strong external fields to deviate from the RAR. This difference between ΛCDM and MOND offers a possible way to discriminate between them.