MS:Tilemachos Athanasiadis & Kevin Harrington

/MS:Tilemachos Athanasiadis & Kevin Harrington

MS:Tilemachos Athanasiadis & Kevin Harrington

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Speaker: Tilemachos Athanasiadis

Title: A targeted survey for pulsars orbiting high proper motion GAIA white dwarfs

The GAIA satellite is a revolutionary astrometric mission that monitors the positions of 1.5 billion sources in the Milky Way. Among these stars are hundreds of white dwarfs with likely pulsar companions, that can now be singled-out based on their kinematic properties (e.g. high velocities and/or high galactic latitudes). We are currently performing a survey (using the Effelsberg and Arecibo radio telescopes) to search more than 100 of the most promising GAIA low-mass white dwarfs for millisecond pulsar companions. All of our candidates are nearby (<1.5kpc) and their distances are well known. Because of the information provided by GAIA, any pulsar discovered by this survey will yield a precise neutron star mass measurement through combined spectroscopic and timing observations, thereby contributing significantly to our understanding of the equation-of-state and pulsar formation.


Speaker: Kevin Harrington

Title: The Molecular ISM and global properties of Strongly Lensed Star-forming galaxies at z ~1-3

In this talk I will cover the extensive (>500h single dish telescope time: GBT/LMT/APEX/30m) legacy CO survey in a sample of 25 strongly lensed galaxies at high redshift. These systems provide an efficient means to study gas rich, star-forming galaxies at the peak of the co-moving SFR density in the cosmic history. I will discuss the Large Velocity Gradient methods involved in modeling the radiative transfer for the observed, spatially averaged CO and dust SEDs. These ultimately place tight constraints on the global physical gas properties in the low-mass/higher-excitation molecular component, and the high-mass/low-excitation gas component. I will conclude with ongoing work in conjunction with this systematic CO SLED modeling campaign and future avenues of follow-up.