MS: Laure Bouscasse

/MS: Laure Bouscasse

MS: Laure Bouscasse

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Speaker: Laure Bouscasse

Title: Chemical differentiation in high-mass protostellar objects

The physical conditions in massive dense cores (MDCs) leading to high-mass star formation are poorly constrained. From the 870 mm ATLASGAL survey of the inner Galaxy, in the frame of the SPARKS project (Survey for high-mass Protostars with ALMA Revealed up to Kpc Scales, PI: Csengeri), we performed an ALMA follow-up on the most massive mid-infrared quiet clumps within 5 kpc. In addition to the 8 GHz instantaneous bandwidth in Band 7, we obtained a complete spectral survey covering the 2mm, 1mm and 0.8mm atmospheric windows with the APEX telescope towards a handful of sources. We determine the chemical composition of the protostellar envelopes, and aim to pin down where different molecules are located within the envelope with a particular focus on the distribution and diversity of complex organic molecules.