MS: Madhuri Gaikwad & David Aguilera

/MS: Madhuri Gaikwad & David Aguilera

MS: Madhuri Gaikwad & David Aguilera

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Speaker: Madhuri Gaikwad
Title:”Pulsar timing studies with EPTA and LEAP”

pulsars are very interesting objects and can be used as tools to study various physics. One such
system is PSR J1012+5307. This system helps constrain many parameters required to study the alternative theory of gravity. We use five major telescopes to study these effects.. Also with them we can study astrometry which helps determine accurate positions of pulsars and in turn will be a useful tool in detection of gravitational waves..


2nd talk
Session’s chair: Madhuri Gaikwad

Speaker: David Aguilera
Title: “Massive star evolution and stellar explosions”

Massive stars are cosmic engines that inject a very large amount of energy into their surroundings; be it from their intense ionizing radiation, their dense winds, or from exploding in their final moments, allowing us a very bright glimpse into their structure and their surroundings. Observational efforts for finding transient events and follow-up observations of their temporal evolution and environment in the past decades have allowed us to understand a lot about the nature of massive stars, but several new types of rare stellar explosions have been discovered that are yet awaiting to be explained, as well as some that are relatively common among them. I will discuss some of the ideas that we have about the progenitors of superluminous supernovae, hypernovae, gamma-ray bursts, and type Ic supernovae, and the ideas that we’ve carried out to explore what type of evolution leads to these events.