Monday Seminar Joscha Jahns & Monthly discussion

/Monday Seminar Joscha Jahns & Monthly discussion

Monday Seminar Joscha Jahns & Monthly discussion

Event Details

Speaker: Joscha Jahns, Chair: Hannah Zohren

Title: Fast Radio Bursts


Fast radio bursts (FRBs) are an enigmatic new class of radio transients. They are very bright but only a few milliseconds long and come from galaxies at ~Gpc distance. Although there have been about a hundred observed by now, their origin is still unknown.

In this talk I will focus on a general introduction, the recent history of FRBs, and give a short outlook of the work I will be doing with observations of “the repeater”.


Topics to be discussed in the monthly discussion are:

1) Inputs for upcoming PhDnet meeting – I request all the students to think of any concerns you may have as an IMPRS PhD student which could be raised in the meeting

2) Distribution of IMPRS survival guide to new students

3) Update on conference style Monday Seminars

4) IMPRS social activities – suggestions welcomed