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Speaker: Tasha Gautam (chair: Marilyn Cruces)
Title: Search for pulsars in Globular Clusters

Globular clusters (GCs) are compact, nearly spherical group of hundreds of thousands of stars concentrated in a region of about 20-100 parsecs with high stellar densities near the core. Such extreme stellar densities result in a high stellar interaction rate, causing many two and three-body encounters, which can, in turn, lead to the production many X-ray binaries, where neutron stars accrete matter from their new companions. This results in a very large number of millisecond pulsars per unit mass. In this study, we use the Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope (GMRT) to search and characterize pulsars in globular clusters, NGC6440, NGC6441, NGC6544, NGC1851, NGC6539, NGC6652, M30 and Terzan 5. We were able to redetect 20 pulsars with high S/N and observe interstellar effects at low frequencies with GMRT. I will discuss about the detections and the search technique involved along with some of the future projects that I will be part of.