MS: Pedro Humire & Monthly Discussion

/MS: Pedro Humire & Monthly Discussion

MS: Pedro Humire & Monthly Discussion

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Speaker: Pedro Humire (chair: Konstantinos Migkas)
Title: Unveiling the chemistry in NGC 253 through ALCHEMI data

The Sculptur Galaxy, NGC 253, is the nearest and brightest molecular emitter beyond the local group, a starburst galaxy perfectly accessible by ALMA and thus one of the best laboratories to measure isotopologue ratios under extreme conditions. Located at only 3.5 Mpc, this object allows us to study its chemistry at an unprecedented resolution of a few pcs with the advantage of presenting conditions of intense star formation comparable to more distant galaxies.

In this talk, I will present the main science goals of the ALMA Comprehensive High-resolution Extragalactic Molecular Inventory, ALCHEMI, in which I am involved, together with some preliminary results related to isotopologue ratios and methanol masers observed at (sub)mm wavelengths.