MS: Felix Poetzl

/MS: Felix Poetzl

MS: Felix Poetzl

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Speaker: Felix Pötzl, Chair: Jompoj W.

Title: Magnetic fields in pc-scale AGN jets – the case of 3C 345

Abstract: Supermassive black holes (SMBHs) in the centres of radio-loud active galactic nuclei (AGN) produce collimated relativistic outflows, called jets. They consist of a magnetized plasma emitting synchrotron radiation. To date the exact mechanisms of jet launching and collimation are still poorly understood, and very high resolution observations are needed to constrain the theoretical models. The RadioAstron Key Science Project on AGN polarization aims at using the full-polarization capabilities of the Spekt-R 10-m space radio telescope, together with an array of ground telescopes, to observe a sample of AGN at the highest resolution, down to microarcseconds.
With these data it is possible to determine the magnetic fields strength and morphology in the innermost regions of AGN. I present observations of the strong blazar 3C 345, which was observed in March 2016, and some preliminary results.