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Speaker: Anne Kathrin & , Chair: Koushik Sen

Title: Multi-wavelengths view of the AGN NGC1052

AGN with a twin-jet system are rare. Even more unusual are those which
reveal asymmetries between both jets as well as being absorbed by a
surrounding torus. The LINER NGC 1052, located at a close distance of
about 20 Mpc, is a source that has both. Does this imply intrinsic
asymmetry and even infer an asymmetric jet production? One indication
towards this interpretation is the difference in speeds between both
jets observed at 43 GHz (about 0.35c for the eastern jet and 0.57c for
the western one).
I present multi-wavelength observations from 1.4 GHz up to 86GHz to
probe regions on scales from milli-parsec up to several parsecs. In this
way, free-free and synchrotron-self absorption can be examined in detail
from a fully obscured inner area at low frequencies to a glowing central
core in the jet forming regions at higher frequencies. Resolutions down
to 50 micro arc seconds, thanks to mm-VLBI, give us access to unknown
regions in which we expect the formation of the twin-jet system.