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Title: LASMA (13CO, J= 3-2) Survey of the Milky Way

Surveys of the Milky Way are fundamental tools to obtain reliable constraints for the gas distribution for the models that aim to simulate our Galaxy’s spiral arms and bar potentials. While continuum surveys (e.g.- GLIMPSE, Hi-GAL, ATLASGAL, MIPSGAL) trace the dense ISM and recent star forming activity going on in the Milky Way; spectroscopic follow-ups (e.g. GRS, HOPS, CHIMPS, COHRS, SEDIGISM) reveal the kinematics (radial velocities and kinematic distances) of the molecular clouds and clumps detected in the continuum surveys. They also constraint their dynamical state in addition to gas excitation, chemical abundances and turbulence. With advancements in technology we are able to observe the Galaxy with much higher angular resolution than the past revealing cloud sub-structures as well as providing us with a more detailed view on the large-scale structure of the molecular gas. In this talk I will present the on-going LASMA survey of the inner Milky Way in 12/13CO (J=3-2) performed with the Atacama Pathfinder EXperiment (APEX) telescope in Chile and the early science from the data collected so far.