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Title: Prospects for Intensity Mapping the [CII] Fine Structure Line during the Epoch of Reionization

The ionic [CII] fine structure line at 158 μm is one of the brightest lines in the spectrum of star-forming galaxies. It is an excellent target for unresolved spectral line intensity mapping (LIM) observations at redshifts 5 to 8, providing an integral, unbiased tomographic view of the star formation activity and source distribution throughout the epoch of reionization. At these redshifts and due to its brightness the [CII] line can be observed through the mm atmospheric window using grounded-based single dished telescopes with large field-of-view and low resolution spectrometers. At present, despite being in the reach of current technology, such an experiment does not exist. CCAT-prime, a high altitude (5600m) 6-meters diameter telescope, equipped with state-of-the-art (sub)mm spectrometers with large field of view, will be the ideal instrument to map the [CII] intensity distribution coming from the epoch of reionization. To test the feasibility and help optimizing the survey strategy of CCAT-prime, mock [CII] intensity maps are needed. In the literature, numerous of them are available, though providing [CII] power spectrum predictions inconsistent by up to an order of magnitude. Such discrepancies challenge the design of CCAT-prime surveys but highlight also the need for robust observational constraints of the [CII] intensity distribution. The purpose of this project is to shed light on them by investigating the different choices that are made at every step of creating a [CII] mock intensity map.