MS: Sandra Unruh & Monthly Discussion

/MS: Sandra Unruh & Monthly Discussion

MS: Sandra Unruh & Monthly Discussion

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Speaker: Sandra Unruh

Title: Shear-ratio tests and magnification bias
(in weak gravitational lensing)

Using the same lens galaxies, the ratios of tangential shears for different source galaxy redshifts is equal to the ratios of their corresponding angular-diameter distances. This is the so-called shear-ratio test (SRT) and it is valid when effects induced by the intervening large-scale structure (LSS) can be neglected. The dominant LSS effect is magnification bias which, on the one hand, induces an additional shear, and on the other hand, causes a magnification of the lens population. Our objective is to quantify the magnification bias for the SRT and show an easy-to-apply mitigation strategy that does not rely on additional observations. We use ray-tracing data through the Millennium simulation to measure the influence of magnification on the SRT and test our mitigation strategy. Using the SRT as a null-test we find deviations from zero up to 10% for a flux-limited sample of lens galaxies, which is a strong function of lens redshift and the lens-source line-of-sight separation. Using our mitigation strategy we can improve the null-test by a factor of ∼ 100.