Events at MPIfR, Room 0.02

13:00 – 13:05 Introduction 13:05 – 13:50 Eduardo Ros “The raid for a postdoc” 13:50 – 14:35 Viola Tegethoff “Publicly funded fellowships” 14:35 – 14:50 Coffee Break 14:50 – 15:35 Laura Spitler “Applying for postdoc positions – Lessons learned” 15:35 – 16:20 Ann Mao “Writing a successful application and mastering the interviews” 16:20 – end Additional […]

Terahertz Airborne Astronomy using a Four Detector High Resolution Spectrometer: 4GREAT After the Herschel Space Telescope ceased operations in 2013, the astronomical community has been lacking access to those parts of the terahertz spectrum that are not visible from ground-based observatories. The atmosphere blocks most of the radiation at those frequency bands, even at high geographical […]

Deep, Large Scale Surveys of Star Forming Regions throughout the Milky Way   Star formation and the processes involved are not only important to the Milky Way as an astronomical object, but are also crucial to understand our own origin. For instance, only lower-mass stars like our own Sun have supposedly a long enough lifetime to […]

High precision pulsar timing Pulsars are rapidly rotating, highly magnetised neutron stars, remnants of a supernova explosion. The majority of the science that we can do with pulsars comes from a technique that is called pulsar timing. Millisecond pulsars, which are pulsars with spin periods of only few milliseconds, are ideal objects to apply timing since […]

Aurélien Hees, has agreed to be available after his colloquium talk for another 20 minutes in room 0.02 to chat with PhD researchers. Topics may include scientific questions related to his work but also career advice (Aurélien has lived in Belgium, South Africa, the USA and is now in France). Even if you have no question, […]

Lecturer: Dr. Carlos Durán   Day 1 (10:00 – 11:15  +  11:30 – 12:45) 1. Drivers for a telescope (and instrumentation) Scientific Interest Technology Interface and Specification. Project Management 2. Constraints, limitations and barriers Technology & technics Site (Atmosphere) Money Logistics & Operation Competitors / use. 3. Telescopes and configurations Single Dish / Arrays Ground-base / […]