Water in Star Forming Regions with Herschel (WISH)

As part of the Guaranteed Time Key Program for the Herschel Space Observatory “Water in Star-forming regions with Herschel” we work on the larger scale environment of some of the brightest massive star forming regions.

Most studies of high-mass star formation focus on emission peaks at infrared or submillimeter wavelengths, which correspond to peaks in the temperature and/or mass distribution. However, the physical properties of their larger scale environment are poorly known. The aim of our work is to characterize the effects of clustered star formation and feedback of massive stars on the surrounding medium by studying the distribution of warm gas in regions of massive star formation. In the framework of WISH, we mapped six sources in several H2O transitions with the HIFI and PACS instruments onboard Herschel and in different transitions of CO isotopologues with the APEX telescope and HIFI on Herschel.