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RadioNet came to an end on 31 December 2020, completing over 20 years of a remarkably successful series of EU-supported projects. During these years, RadioNet evolved into a widely-recognized consortium offering competitive European infrastructures in the range from sub-mm to meter waves. RadioNet also fostered Europe-wide collaboration in innovative technical development and it helped to train numerous researchers in obtaining and interpreting their astronomical data. This has significantly increased and strengthened our community, and also firmly established the broad awareness about our infrastructures.

The presentations from RadioNet’s last Board meeting provide a comprehensive overview of our programme and achievements. It is evident that RadioNet has changed the European astronomical landscape as well as the astronomy community and the European Commission can be proud of all that our collaboration has achieved. Our sincere thanks and appreciation go to everyone involved!

We are looking forward to a continuation of our joint activities as we are now going forward, transforming RadioNet into a MoU based consortium, dedicated to maintaining our widely recognized brand and to exploring and pursuing new cooperative opportunities of common interest.

Anton Zensus (RadioNet Coordinator)


CPS Urges Action In First Recommendations Paper

The IAU Centre for Protection of the Dark and Quiet Sky from Satellite Constellation Interference (CPS) has released the paper Call to Protect the Dark and Quiet Sky from Harmful Interference by Satellite Constallations. This [...]

New ORP Multi-Facility call for proposals

ORP is pleased to announce the launch of the new ORP Multi-Facility call for proposals. This call for proposals invites astronomers from diverse fields to submit observation proposals using multiple observatories for the same scientific project. [...]

Farewell to René Vermeulen

Dear members of the RadioNet community, I am writing to inform you of an important transition within our organization. René Vermeulen, Director of ILT, the ASTRON Radio Observatory department, and founding Director of the recently [...]

100-m Effelsberg radio telescope: Open call for proposals

The call for proposals of the 100-m radio telescope (Effelsberg/DE) of the Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy is open. Access/funding is offered through the ORP project. Submission deadline: Deadline 30 May 2024 (15:00 UT) [...]

LOFAR ERIC officially launched

LOFAR ERIC (European Research Infrastructure Consortium) has been officially launched at its first Council meeting in January 2024. LOFAR ERIC is set up with a long-term perspective and will provide transparent access to a wide [...]

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