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Obtaining a doctorate in Astrophysics

The International Max Planck Research School for Astronomy and Astrophysics (IMPRS for A&A) provides excellent conditions for obtaining a doctorate in Astrophysics for students from all over the world.


  • Special courses on hot topics. School faculty and visiting scientists offer these block courses addressing current research, technology and methods directly relevant to the research topics at the IMPRS.
  • Training on professions skills, such as writing proposals, career development etc.
  • Weekly seminars in which IMPRS researchers exchange their research results.
  • A Thesis Advisory Committee (TAC) for each IMPRS student. It consists of  senior scientists from the IMPRS partner institutions. The TAC guides the research activities and gives advice on the student’s progress. The TAC can recommend extensions of the research contract if necessary.
  • Funding of participation in summer schools and conferences.
  • Annual retreats at attractive places in order to promote scientific exchange in an informal setting.

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